Helping Small Businesses Increase Their Revenue
Are you a small business owner worried about employees, revenue losses, expenses, and overall decline?

It’s a scary time right now, with 100,000 companies out of business since the inception of Covid-19, it’s almost impossible to stay above water. Nobody – not even the experts understand how long this pandemic will last and the negative consequences it will leave on the economy. What IS for certain and will give the best chance of survival is how you take advantage of all the resources available to you. That feeling of confusion if you are even going to be in business one week or one month from now is surely unsettling. All the blood, sweat and tears put into your business over many years or decades may slowly be eroding in front of your eyes, all because of recent external circumstances out of your control. This would consume any healthy person’s mind and cause many sleepless nights.As each day goes by with no customer’s coming through your front door, the threat of bankruptcy becomes a reality. Not having enough money to afford your variable and fixed expenses makes it that much more challenging to pay for the necessities in your life.  But there is good news…  

A New Way Forward

There’s a way to fund your business and reverse the negative trajectory it’s currently on. How? What a lot of small business owners don’t know is there are a number of strategies that can be utilized for relief. Whether through the government or strategies within the business itself, once you understand the mechanisms of how it exactly works, everything changes for the better. For example, the majority of business owners are not aware that they are:
•    Overpaying on their taxes
•    Not taking advantage of the benefits that they could be claiming from the government
•    Not utilizing advanced techniques that keep more income, with minimal work
When times are good, these are important factors to consider. However when times are bad (as they are right now), the sense of urgency magnifies 10x to get a handle on the methods that can be implemented right now - the cost of not doing so is too great. The problem is many small business owners “don’t know what they don’t know”. Only when the problem can be identified can there be a solution. 
This is where Triskel Business Solutions can help you. We are a full-service accounting and tax organization for small businesses. We help you identify the problems in your business, what can be improved upon, and then execute on those deficiencies immediately with our expertise.
Perhaps you may have heard of the government offering to help small businesses, but do you really know what that means? The limitations that come with that? The processes involved?  Between the multitude of things to understand and inconveniences, it can seem overwhelming to even get started. 
This is where having someone who can hold you by the hand, understand your business from the inside-out, develop a plan and execute on that plan for you - everything is taken care of effortlessly without you having to worry.
On a personal level, this can significantly reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Finally stop the sleepless nights and wake up feeling refreshed. Now you are a better person to be there for your family, friends and colleagues moving forward. This also translates into better work performance, meaning you can increase the cash flow coming into your business and come out the other side in the net positive. 
While businesses around you are sinking because of a lack of revenue inflows, you are the one that stands above the rest. All it takes is finding the right expert who understands the economic and business landscape in relation to your personal situation. That’s where Triskel Business Solutions can bring you from a place of worry to a positive outlook.
Today’s changing environment doesn’t have to be doom and gloom and the end of your business dreams.  It is our passion to save the small businesses in America, because we firmly believe they form the pivotal backbone of our American economy. 
As the window is closing, you can significantly increase your odds of success and contact an expert from Triskel Business Solutions to get started TODAY. 

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What Makes Triskel Business Solutions The Number One Choice For Small Business Owners?

Our high standards regarding professionalism, integrity and accuracy are what truly distinguish us. Unlike traditional agencies that simply provide clients accounting or tax services, we are a full done-for-you service with a goal to search every internal and external resource available, where these typical agencies would have missed. Ultimately, this superior approach helps small business owners save money, get money back they have already paid in taxes and receive additional income from credits.Triskel Business Solutions’ customer experience, communication and security is also our top priority for clients. While accountants can be proficient with numbers, they often lack the necessary communication skills that builds comfort and trust. We on the other hand combine expertise while being very personable with each of our clients. Sensitive data and hardship require someone who can relate to their customers on a human level and bring clarity to complex situations. It’s another reason why our customer’s often say, “This process has been so comforting and effortless”.Perhaps thoughts may cross your mind such as, “I don’t even have the money to pay my employees, how could I afford to take on another expense?”, or, “I have been using my current accountant and tax consultant for years, there’s no reason to make a change”. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as not having an expert that specializes in this domain poses even more significant consequences to your business. From our 20+ years of experience, clients who have adopted our advice during difficult economic times have come out stronger than before, and we intend to ensure the same for you.  You never have to be in this alone and figure out this daunting situation by yourself. The faster you can get the funding you need for your business, the faster you can get relief and get back to a world where everything was better like before.

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Case Studies

There is a reason our customers happily return to us as their first choice for their accounting and tax needs. Why? Because we are one of the only full-service accounting services they can trust, delivering an exceptional level of professional service at affordable prices. Here are what some of our customers have to say about Triskel Business Solutions. 

Thank you SO MUCH for making sure that we started this [tax] return in the right place.  - - A.P.
Thanks again for spending the time with us, that was a HUGE help. - - C.C.
She has really helped me a great deal and [is] easy to work with. - - S.D.
Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your flexibility and availability this week to help me get this done. - - K.B.
Triskel Business Solutions provides a wealth of knowledge and GREAT customer service. - - J.K.




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